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ANANTA INTELLECT is the corollary of the highly reflective cognitive-mechanism  of our key strategist Ms. Reena Singh.

Reena ,  a Management-Graduate from the reputed institute SRISIM , epitomizes a harmonious amalgamation of intrinsic flair and scholastic. Deploying her comprehensive proficiency and strategic acumen, she has assisted many multinational companies in different sectors, as an accomplished HRD-expert. Her intellect-driven pragmatic interventions have earned her sincere accolades from the management and employers, as well as renowned subject-specialists.  

However she was not the one to rest upon her laurels. Impelled by her inherent entrepreneurial zeal, she floated ANANTA INTELLECT – a resource-planning & development organization. This gave her a befitting platform, nestling upon which she got optimum autonomy and opportunity to stretch her potential to the panoramic level .

It was the year 2012 when ANANTA INTELLECT took a formal shape. From this crucial juncture commenced a saga which vividly reflects the tireless mission of a valiant visionary. Through matchless perseverance, endurance and patience Reena laid every brick and reinforced the indelible framework of her brainchild . She has turned ANANTA INTELLECT into one of the finest resource-development agencies of the nation, encompassing a huge pool of eminent trainers and consultants.

Under the diligent mentoring of Reena, ANANTA INTELLECT has emerged as a highly promising talent planning and development organization. Her dream is to convert Ananta Intellect in to machinery of stunning potency that can churn out wondrous solutions and deliver magnificent service for fructifying desired HR goals.