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Functional Methodology

We believe that every human being is a ocean of immense potential. We intend to  diagnose the latent and untapped potential of the target group . Subsequently we intend to empower them so that they themselves can unleash their potential to the fullest and achieve the optimum degree of self actualization.

To translate the intent into action, we have compartmentalized our synchronized resource –development process into a series of sequential steps :

Step I: Need-Analysis – We never impose hypothetically designed interventions upon our clients. Rather we make a sincere effort to analyze the need of the clients , along with their problems and deficits . We also take into account the intrinsic resource within organizational framework and the resource that can be leveraged from outside.

Step II: Crafting Interventions – After the completion of the resource-deficit analysis , we design integrated strategic interventions that can play instrumental role in resource-accrual and deficit-replenishment.

Step III: Implementing Interventions – This is the phase when we administer the meticulously designed and well-crafted interventions with seamless perfection.

Step IV: Evaluating Interventions - This is the concluding phase, when we execute extensive evaluation of the applied interventions . Through the rigorous appraisal mechanism , we try to track how far have our interventions been successful in enhancing the organizational-resource level and de-escalating the problems of the organizations.