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Training Effectiveness & ROI

It is an essential part to if you wish to bring in transformation in the employee’s behavior, knowledge and skill. On ignoring this part, we are leaving the germinated plant to die on its own without right care. Here, it’s essential that superiors, in-charges and HR provide the nurturing environment to the planted seed. This part will result in improved performance, increased revenues, and better opportunities.

Measuring training effectiveness

Imagine if you have an immense power to make desirable changes, impactful decisions and finally taking charge of everything to bring out best in the organization.

    Measuring training effectiveness will empower us with three outputs-
  • Transparency by documenting progress being made towards goals
  • Accountability to organization, helping to obtain continued support
  • Improvement by providing recommendations for designing better programs.

Effectiveness is usually gauged on two parameters — on the degree to which the program achieved the stated objective and on the ratio of the cost of the training to the return (that is, cost savings, increased productivity etc).

We help you to provide the customized solution to measure training effectiveness based on Krickpatrick’s model for a controlled group.