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Training Need Identification (TNI)

It is highly essential that we embark on the path of learning and development with TNI. It helps us to analyze the right gaps in knowledge, skill and behaviour or the team and individuals. This will ensure the following:

  • The training investment and efforts are utilized in right direction.
  • Gaps in performance expectation and delivery are reduced supporting the business objectives.
  • Trainings are able to make a difference in productivity and the bottom line.
  • It is an effective retention strategy, particularly for ambitious and externally mobile employees.
  • It provides a foundation to evaluate the effectiveness of implementation of the learning strategy.


If you need… We offer to collect data from your orgn through:

Training Need Identification (TNI)

For Leaders

Behavioural Event Interview (BEI) / 360 degree feedback / PPA-DISC

For Managers

PMS/ Inputs from HODs/ PPA –DISC/ HJA-PPA / BEI / JD

  • GETs/CETs/DETs
  • For Staff & MTs

PMS/ Interaction with HOD/ Inputs from Skill Matrix and JD